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The 2003 Massachusetts Directory of
Recycled Products Manufacturers

Citizens of Massachusetts and throughout the country have growing access to recycling programs. But the materials collected in these programs are not actually recycled until they are incorporated into new products. Massachusetts has set a goal of recycling 70% of its solid waste by the year 2010, potentially making 9 million tons of recyclables available annually. These materials provide tremendous business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The mission of this Directory is to raise the visibility of manufacturing with recyclables in the Commonwealth, highlight the level and depth of activity and innovation in the recovered materials manufacturing industry in Massachusetts, and help stimulate demand for these products, as well as for the materials collected in statewide recycling programs. The companies listed in this directory range from large paper mills to small artisans; the products from bread to catch basins on Deer Island. Among the new products we have learned about this year are candleholders made using recovered glass cullet and flooring made from recovered carpeting. The possibilities for making new products from our discards are limitless and much of the material in Massachusetts' waste stream stands ready to be used.

The Chelsea Center was created to help industry make use of this feedstock. The Center was launched by the Commonwealth in 1995, through the University of Massachusetts, for the purpose of creating jobs, supporting recycling efforts, and helping the State's economy and the environment by working to increase the use of recovered materials in manufacturing processes. The Center's objectives are to assist manufacturers in commercializing new, innovative recycling and reuse technologies; and stimulate investment in recycling industries throughout Massachusetts.

Who is Listed?
The companies listed in this directory are limited to those that alter the material beyond the basic sorting, crushing or baling involved in processing materials for many end markets. These companies either:

  • manufacture a new product for sale directly to consumers or other manufacturers (paper mills, compost companies, foundries, artisans)
  • remanufacture or recondition products for resale (toner cartridges, computers)
  • transform a raw material into a feedstock for a specific market (plastic pellets, paper pulp) and/or
  • fabricate products from recycled materials (fleece outerwear, envelopes)

The Chelsea Center has attempted to include as many manufacturers in this guide as possible. However, it is important to note that this is not the universe of business in Massachusetts that use recovered materials as feedstock. There are several categories of firms that technically fit into our definition of recycled product manufacturers, but there are far too many companies in each to include every one in this directory. We have tried to include at least one representative firm from each of these categories including:

  • material processors

  • artists

  • clothing and accessory designers/manufacturers

  • pallet rebuilders

  • printers

  • toner cartridge remanufacturers

If you are a recycled products manufacturer located in Massachusetts and want your profile included in our database, fill out a survey form by clicking here.

Key to Terms

CPO: Computer Printout. A high quality grade of paper waste

HDPE: High Density Polyethylene, a plastic resin labeled as #2 plastic. Commonly used in milk and detergent bottles.

Ferrous: Iron bearing.

Grey Iron: Iron with a high carbon content.

HIPS: High Impact Polystyrnene, a plastic resin.

LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene, a plastic resin labeled as #4, often used in film applications.

LLDPE: Linear Low Density Polyethylene, a plastic resin.

Medium: Otherwise known as corrugation medium, the ridged interior of corrugated cardboard.

OCC: Old Corrugated Cardboard. A grade of post-consumer paper, generally from used boxes.

ONP: Old Newsprint. A grade of post-consumer paper waste.

PC: Post Consumer. Products or materials that have served their intended use.

PET: Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic resin labeled as #1 plastic, commonly used in soda bottles.

PI: Post Industrial. Waste that is generated as a by-product of the manufacturing process.

PP: Polypropylene. A plastic resin labeled as #5.

Scrap: Discarded materials that are usually segregated and suitable for recovery or reclamation.

Secondary Materials: Used interchangeably with scrap in this guide.

Steel: Iron based alloy, malleable under certain conditions, containing up to 2% carbon.

TDF: Tire Derived Fuel. Shredded tire pieces used as boiler fuel.

TPY: Tons per year.

V: Virgin

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