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Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development - University of Massachusetts


Effective June 30, 2003, the Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development (Chelsea Center) closed its doors and ceased all activities.

However, as it was a program of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production (Lowell Center) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, its valuable resources will continue to be available online to all those interested in recycling and economic development. We wish to alert our visitors to the fact that there may be limited resources for updating the website. As time passes, some information and content may become outdated. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by phone numbers that have been changed, or links that no longer work.

During its nearly decade long existence, the Chelsea Center worked with communities, manufacturers, economic developers, businesses, researchers and recycling organizations to promote the increased use of recyclables in support of a sustainable materials economy in Massachusetts. So as not to lose valuable information developed through its innovative projects, all of the Chelsea Center’s numerous research reports, directories (including the 2003 edition of the Directory of Massachusetts Recycled Product Manufacturers and the 2003 edition of the Massachusetts Guide to Services for the Recycling Industry), case studies, and other relevant recycling industry resources and links will continue to be made available on this web site.

The Lowell Center operates this website in addition to supporting a number of projects and resources to promote the overall goal of sustainable production and consumption. If you have questions concerning the Chelsea Center or other Lowell Center projects and affiliates, please contact Cathy Crumbley, Program Director, at Cathy_Crumbley@uml.edu or 978-934-2980. Please also visit the Lowell Center web site at www.sustainableproduction.org.

The Re-Made in Massachusetts Alliance, which was founded with the help of the Chelsea Center, is now an independent organization. This network of manufacturers that use recycled feedstocks meets regularly to share resources and promote the recycling and recycled content product manufacturing industries state-wide. For more information, click here or contact Michael King at 508-828-4200, or via email to mking@selectechinc.com

To receive current recycling market development related services, please contact Steve Long of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection 617-292-5734 or stephen.long@state.ma.us).


The First New England Rubber Recycling Roundtable was held on Monday June 23, 2003, in Westborough, MA

For information about the Roundable, click here.

Recipient of 2001 National Recycling Coalition Award for
Outstanding Market Development Program

The CHELSEA CENTER FOR RECYCLING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT was launched by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1995 to create jobs, support recycling efforts, and help the economy and the environment by working to increase the use of recyclables by manufacturers.

Massachusetts has set an ambitious goal of reducing its waste by 70% by the year 2010, potentially making close to 9 million tons of materials available which can be turned by manufacturers into new products. Over 12,000 people are currently employed in recycling related manufacturing jobs in the Commonwealth. With the right kind of support, more entrepreneurs can take advantage of these local resources and the tremendous opportunities they create.

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